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The Wild Honey Buzz: Dancing through '22, Waggle Dance

Coming to you live from my living room! Many thanks to my friend, Chris, for accompanying me in this month's dance! He is playing Sonatina in A Minor by Albert Biehl. I love dancing to live music!

The special dance that bees do to tell their fellow bees what direction to fly to find flowers is called a waggle dance. Hope you enjoy my waggle dance! The bouquet of flowers on the piano are hydrangeas, a gift from my neighbor.

Since we've been dealing with such heavy stuff lately, I thought I'd keep this month's blog post on the lighter side It is my birthday month (go Virgos!) and it is also National Honey Month in the United States. Below is a list of some of the drops of honey-like sweetness that I experienced this summer. I love the season so much and am always slightly melancholy when September rolls around and the Fall Equinox closes in on us here in the Northern hemisphere. I will hang onto these sweet memories to get me through darker days ahead:

  1. Swimming in the outdoor pool almost every day! I love the silky feel of the water!

  2. Being warm!

  3. Sleeping with the window open and feeling the cool morning breezes, listening to the fan at night (we don't have air-conditioning so fans were life savers during our heat waves!) We are also blessed with a nice cool basement!

  4. Picking wild blackberries, making pies with my daughter and having pie with coffee!

  5. Watching the video of my son's first solo flight as PIC (Pilot in Command) at the Santa Monica, CA airport!

  6. Having a poem published in an international anthology!

  7. Ferry ride to the lavender fields of Sequim Washington!

  8. One week vacation in New York City with my daughter!

  9. Long walks on the beach and in the parks; dance and yoga!

  10. So many great conversations with family and friends...gosh, I love to talk!

  11. Garden parties and farmer's markets!

  12. Outdoor concerts and theater shows!

  13. Walking barefoot!

  14. Lunching with friends!

  15. Wildlife sightings: cooper's hawk, red tailed hawk, my resident garden bunny, Ruthie the Rabbit, an occupied eagle's nest, and all of the backyard birds who splashed in the birdbath!

  16. Flowers galore: roses, hydrangeas, peonies, gladioli, petunias, phlox, gloxinia, orchids, sunflowers, impatiens, begonias, dahlias, lilies, blackberry blossoms, dandelions, coleus, lavender, fuchsia, morning glories.....too many to list!

  17. Star gazing!

  18. 2 page handwritten letter from my college friend who lives in another state!

  19. New sandals...and they were on sale!

  20. Following astrology and the phases of the moon!

  21. Boating!

  22. Petting bees!

  23. Getting a massage!

  24. Watering and weeding the garden!

  25. Read 9 books June-August! (okay, I confess that one was a baby board book illustrated by my friend, the artist, Victoria Raymond, for Margaret Wise Brown!

  26. Writing and submitting poems for publication!

  27. Celebrating World Honeybee Day!

  28. Going to the Fair!

  29. Going to the Sunflower Festival!

  30. Can't forget the food...hubby does all of the cooking and grocery shopping, and we have dinner together every single night! I do the cleaning...well, most of it! He is my "pool boy" .....does all of the maintenance on the pool, but doesn't swim in it! He prefers tennis and golf! We celebrated 36 years of marriage on June 14!

What about you? What were some highlights of your summer? Do you feel any sadness when summer ends?


Sep 02, 2022

I love your bee dance and message! I do feel a bit sad that fall is coming. I want just another month of warmth, bright sunshine filling my bedroom, flowers blooming, and evenings sipping wine with Merlin in the shade garden. I'm holding onto summer,. I'm using strong conduit pipes to hold up my tall dark red sunflowers. My beautiful blue flowers on my rose of sharon are gentle and long lasting. I see a painting in my future :)

Wild Honey Blogger
Wild Honey Blogger
Sep 05, 2022
Replying to

I'm so glad you enjoyed my dance and ode to summer! Thank you for taking the time to comment and share some of your summer joys! Your beautiful art certainly reflects your passion for the natural world! Yes, let's hold onto summer till the Equinox and ring every bit of happiness out of it!

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