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Crow, Rabbit, Eagle: Mother Nature in Action

Wishing everyone a happy Mother's Day and praying for those for whom this holiday may be triggering or difficult. I am thinking especially of people who are grieving the loss of their mothers or children to Covid-19 and in circumstances in which they were unable to be with their loved ones at their time of departure. My mother's spirit left her body nine years ago in May of 2012 during the week prior to Mother's Day. Circumstances then prevented me from being at her side, so this time of year always brings up a lot of emotions for me.

I am comforted by the abundance of blooms in my garden now in which I can sense my mother's presence, and of course, by the steadfast love of my family and friends.

This week as I was out walking in my neighborhood, I saw a crow pecking at something in the middle of the road. At a distance I thought it was a rat, but as I got closer, I saw it was actually a baby bunny. Sitting on the side of the road and watching this scene was an adult rabbit whom I perceived to be the baby's mother. It broke my heart to see her watching the crow so I spoke to her and she didn't hop away. I acknowledged her motherhood and this loss she was witnessing and told her I was sorry, She looked directly at me, and I felt that she understood exactly what I was saying.

Shortly after I left this scene, I saw an eagle soaring above me and my spirits were lifted as I was reminded that we are held by a beautiful mystery and surrounded by enormous love even in the face of tremendous loss and suffering. I am grateful to be a part of this mystery and grateful to be a mother, and I pray that if you are reading this and experiencing grief or loss, you will be comforted by the grace and beauty of the natural world and know how deeply Divine Mother loves you.

"...they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles." (Isaiah 40:3)

"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you." (Isaiah 66:13)

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