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Love and Gratitude

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

On this day of Thanksgiving, I am filled with gratitude for my abundant life and many blessings, especially for the beautiful people who surround me (my family and friends) and those whom I've never met who reach out to me. One of these sweet souls whom I've never met in person recently emailed me to share how my story, "Sacred Stones" in Bella Grace Magazine (Autumn 2019) impacted her. The story is about my practice of finding and gifting heart shaped stones.

I'll call my reader, Laura. She gave me permission to share her story. Laura began seeing heart shapes all around her when she was very young similar to the way I find heart shaped rocks wherever I go. Her description of these sightings reads like a poem that could be titled, as she wrote... "Hearts Follow Me Wherever I Go And It Started With Rocks"

I got hives heart shaped I scraped my knee heart shaped Blood taken out of my hand huge bruise heart shaped with fire coming out of top Injections in my foot bruise heart shaped Looking out window flying I see heart shaped lake Grab a peach heart shaped Piece of taffy with another color in middle heart shaped Scooped ice cream out of my bowl heart shaped on my spoon Bruise from flu shot heart shaped Look up in the sky heart clouds Snow next to my car door heart shaped (most of the snow had all melted away but this heart shaped snow ball(?)) The man at the deli gives me heart shaped chicken breast Foam soap from a dispenser at Barnes & Nobles Ladies room fell on counter heart shaped when I washed my hands...these are not coincidences

About three years ago, she began taking photos of these heart shapes because no one believed her, and in 2017, she reached the conclusion that God was using these sightings to remind her of how much He loves her and that she will one day meet her true love here on Earth.

Laura shared that she's had a difficult life but clings to her faith that things will get better. She wrote, "When I read your article, I thought, I'm not alone. The love messages may be different but they are messages of comfort, and of promises given that will not be broken."

I am grateful that something I wrote made another person feel less alone and I'm grateful that Laura took the time to contact me and share her story.

I believe that a Higher Power is always communicating with us through "signs and wonders" and that we are surrounded and sustained by a magnificent love. Most importantly, we get to be channels of this love for others. As we enter the Holy Days that conclude 2019, I'm wishing you many opportunities to give and receive the great gifts of love and gratitude, and I welcome you to share your stories:

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