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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Aquarius in House #7

Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, the sudden and electric, rules Aquarius and my Seventh House. I love weird people because "like attracts like" and I am weird, weird, weird.

If you call me normal, I'm insulted. I revel in my eccentricity and independence. I would never tolerate a jealous partner or any attempt to possess or fence me in. Kinky, quirky, freedom-loving, I can't be bothered by too many rules in a relationship; those will cause me to rebel like hell. My connections typically have unusual dynamics. Non-conformity is the name of my game.

Some Aquarian Traits: free-spirited, eccentric, intelligent, innovative, original

Shadow tendencies: detached, overly idealistic, know-it-alls

Seventh House Subject Matter: long term committed relationships such as marriage and partnerships


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