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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Cancer in House #12

My emotions are as deep as the ocean and I like to keep them hidden. I feel the waves wash over me and retreat into the solitude and sanctuary of my home and garden. So many secrets I don't wish to share, strange things buried in my subconscious. I believe! I nurture, heal, inspire and serve others through my spirituality and connection to the Divine. When I'm in public, I put on a show that is always upbeat and cheerful, but when I'm alone this mask comes off and I can be a moody me.

Some Cancer Traits: emotional, caring, loyal, intuitive, protective, devoted, home-loving, comedians

Shadow Tendencies: moody, overly-sensitive, vindictive

Twelfth House Subject Matter: dreams, self-undoing, secrets, the psychic house, endings, (House ruled by Pisces)

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Jean Kercheval
Jean Kercheval
Jul 12, 2021

So beautifully written- I see my Cancer daughter in this.

Wild Honey Blogger
Wild Honey Blogger
Jul 14, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Queen! We sure are lucky to be loved by our home-loving crabs!

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