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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Capricorn in House #6

G oing

O verboard

A ll the

T ime .......

in the Virgo-ruled house of perfection and OCD...obsessive compulsive disorder...clothes arranged in the closet according to the colors of the rainbow, alphabetized jars of spices in the cabinet, jogging, lifting weights, popping vitamins and practicing yoga poses, eating quinoa, spinach and blueberries - the ambitious goat never stops, just keeps climbing the mountain, got the five, ten and fifteen year plan with goals and steps to reach the goals. Discipline is the name of the game, gotta work, work, work, serve the world by creating some order. Conscientious, Achievement-oriented, Productive, Responsible, Intelligent, Career-minded, Ornery, Reliable, Needs to have more fun!

*Some Capricorn Traits: dedicated, diligent and determined (shadow tendencies: pessimistic, inflexible, workaholic, pushy).

*Sixth House Subject Matter: health, wellness, work, daily routine, service and duty


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