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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Pisces in House #8

Nothing fishy about my eighth house Pisces, just mysterious. I'm swimming around in this ocean world as psychic, mystic and poet. I imagine those on the other side of the veil and they reveal themselves - ghosts, spirits, angels, guides. I intuit the hidden realms and don't fear the ethereal. I'm at ease with those who have left their bodies, comfortable in cemeteries and at funerals. You can tell me about your struggles and losses and I will sympathize. Like Salvador Dali said, "I don't do drugs; I am drugs." My empathic self senses what you are feeling and feels it too.

Some Pisces Traits: creative, sympathetic, generous, helpful, dramatic, impressionable.

Shadow tendencies: fearful, escape artists and martyrs

Eight House Subject Matter: spirituality, metaphysics, sex, death, rebirth, resources of others


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