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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Sagittarius in House #5

Sagittarius in my fifth house of fun is child's play, adventure, a road trip or airplane ride, surprises, romance, the belief that it will all work out fine, whatever it is as long as I'm having fun and following my heart. I dive into arranging the flowers in the vase, the words on the page, the dance on the stage, confident that eventually something of beauty will emerge between the lines, among the stems, or on the dance floor. My favorite dance is the un-choreographed, the unplanned. I relish the joy of not knowing what the next move will be.

*Some Sagittarius Traits: optimistic, restless, progressive, adventurous, spontaneous, honest, friendly and fun. Shadow tendencies: naive, tactless

* 5th House Subject Matter: creativity, children, fun, romance, hobbies, leisure activities.


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