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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Scorpio in House #4 and Natal Moon in Scorpio

I have secrets and I know how to keep them, especially family secrets, so don't go asking me any nosy questions. I will tell you only what I want you to know. I'm pleasant and non-combative unless you mess with my kids, then I become a mama bear on steroids. Even the slightest negative remark about them will be remembered forever and will bring out the nasty stingers in me and I'll point them directly at you. Don't be fooled by my sweet little Libra Mercury or Mars in Libra. Underneath all of it, in the deep dark core, the swampy depths, hidden but always on alert, suspicious and ready to strike, lies the Scorpion.

*Some Scorpio Traits: determined, secretive, brave, loyal, emotional, intense. Shadow side: jealous, revengeful

*Subject matter ruled by the 4th House in Astrology: home and family, all things domestic, where one belongs, your past.

*Natal Moon: Sign the moon was in at the time of your birth; this sign reveals your emotional core.

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