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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Taurus in House #10

You can count on me to show up, wear something nice and order the most expensive item on the menu. I have good taste in most things. I like to relax like a cow in a field where the grass is of the highest caliber, just bat my eyelashes while contentedly chewing. I'll get moo-ving when I'm good and ready and not until then. I like to create beauty and share it with the world by sculpting words (writing poems) and flowers (floral design) and enjoy dance as self expression. I am most at home and at peace in the garden and in nature.

Some Taurus Traits: practical, comfort-loving, artistic, determined, nature-lovers

Shadow Tendencies: stubborn, resistant to change, materialistic

Tenth House Subject Matter: career, ambitions, how you make your mark on the world, what you are known for, reputation

The photo of the cow sculpture was taken near Cambria, California, and the video of the cows in the field was taken on the big island of Hawaii.


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