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Solving Life's Biggest Puzzle: Why are we here?


Welcome to my first blog post on this site! Since the Jewish holiday of Passover begins at sundown today and I am thinking of favorite Jewish writers and teachers, I thought I'd share this insightful quote by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner:

"Everyone carries with them at least one and probably many pieces of someone else's puzzle. Sometimes they know it. Sometimes they don't. And when you present your piece which is worthless to you, to another, whether you know it or not, whether they know it or not, you are a messenger from the Most High."

I love this analogy like I love the scene in the Blues Brothers movie when Jake and Elwood assert that they are on a "Mission from God." (I mention this movie in the children's picture book I wrote called "The Green Lake Gifting Game.") The notion that we are puzzles walking around waiting for our missing pieces makes total sense to me, and I love the element of mystery - not always knowing whose puzzle pieces you possess and who has yours and at what moment in your life you'll deliver or receive them! I'm reminded of another favorite quote from the movie, "The Prince of Tides" - "But it's the mystery of life that sustains me now."

Presenting a piece of someone's puzzle need not be a grand gesture. It could be something as simple as a smile, a word of encouragement, a random act of kindness or something we read or write in a blog post, a poem or elsewhere. As Rabbi Kushner points out, something that seems insignificant to us might mean the world to another person. We may make a conscious effort to present a puzzle piece or we may be completely unaware of the impact we are having as we are just "minding our own business." To go about our day being mindful that everyone with whom we interact has something to teach us and vice versa is not a bad way to live. It brings great meaning to this puzzling game called life.

Knowing that we have such an important mission and have been entrusted with these missing puzzle pieces is certainly an incentive for self care! As "Messengers of the Most High" we don't have to question our purpose or value. May you be given all of the missing pieces of your puzzle and experience the special joy of helping another human being find wholeness.

Shalom, Peace,

Marianne (aka...Wild Honey)

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