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The MM Club

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I am writing this blog post on the Feast Day of Saint Mary Magdalene, one of my favorite women of the Bible who is known as the "Apostle to the Apostles" because she was the first to see Jesus after his resurrection and the first to tell the others he had risen from the dead. She is the Patron Saint of hair stylists and perfumeries as she's believed to be the Mary who washed Jesus' feet with her tears, dried them with her hair and anointed them with expensive perfume. She is often depicted with long flowing red hair and holding a red egg. According to legend, she used an egg to illustrate the resurrection when telling the Roman Emperor that Christ had risen. When he mocked her saying Jesus had no more risen than the egg she was holding was red, the egg immediately turned red as a sign from God.

Mary Magdalene is also the Patron Saint of women and contemplatives (mystics). A few years ago I appointed her Vice-President and Patron Saint of the MM Club, a club I founded along with another mystic friend who also has the initials MM as I do - Rev. Monica McDowell. Membership in the club is open to people with the initials MM (given name, nickname, or invented name). It is a club open to all people regardless of their gender identification. If someone wants to join but doesn't have the initials MM, we are happy to provide a nickname.

The President and Holy Queen Bee of the MM club is the Blessed Virgin, Mother Mary. Other famous honorary members are Marilyn Monroe, Minnie Mouse and Meghan Markle! Marilyn Monroe attends our meetings in the form of a large cardboard cutout! We love to eat M & M's at our club parties, wear red, dance, get wild, meditate and revel in all things mystical. It's so much fun being us and so much fun celebrating the legacy of beautiful, bold women like our Sweet Magdalene.


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