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The Wild Honey Buzz: Last Dance of '22, Holiday Hip Hop and Reading Wrap-up

How fun it was for me to do my last dance of 2022 in one of the most beautiful spots on planet Earth - the Waipio Valley Lookout on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii! It's my approximation of a few hip hop moves! My daughter told me that there are YouTube tutorials called "Hip Hop Moves for Moms." I didn't watch these but perhaps I should have, ha! Also, I have no idea what language the singer is speaking in the song accompanying my dance or what the words mean, so if any readers can translate, that would be great! I chose it because I like the beat.

We were lucky to have been on the Big Island when the Mauna Loa Volcano was active and we got to see the lava flow!

As I wrap up my year-long dance blog project, I'm also looking back at my year of reading. According to my stats on Goodreads, I read a total of 37 books, which is less than in 2021 when I read a whopping 58 books! You can see my list and read reviews of all of the books I've read on the Goodreads site. Of the 37 books I read in 2022, I only gave 5 of them 5 stars. I confess that for three of them bias may have played a role in my rating as I tend to rate books by authors with whom I have a personal connection higher than others!

One of the books I gave 5 stars to is one that I highly recommend for anyone who is struggling with grief after a significant loss. It is called "The Wild Edge of Sorrow" and is excellent. The author encourages readers to really engage with the grief process in order to heal and provides examples of rituals that can aid in the process.

As I look forward to 2023, I'm trying to decide what blog topics might be fun and interesting to explore and am open to ideas if you'd care to share them. What would you like to read about? Do you make resolutions? If so, I'd love to hear what your resolutions or goals are for 2023. Please feel free to leave comments. I am wishing everyone a very Happy Solstice and a wonderful New Year.

Let's stay wild and let's stay free, and let's keep on dancing!

Love & Blessings,

Wild Honey


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