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The Wild Honey Buzz: Less is More in '24, June Edition: Book Publication Day Celebration!

Happy June and Happy Publication Day for "In the Grip of Grace!" How exciting it was to receive my author copies and to see the book for the first time! Huge thanks to Finishing Line Press for making this dream a reality, and to Marcia Terry of Be Still and Know Photography for the beautiful cover photo which was taken in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, the setting of the poems in the book. I am grateful to everyone who helped bring this book to life! You can view my "unboxing" video here.

My first reading and launch party (North Seattle Launch Party) will be at the Lake Forest Park Library in Lake Forest Park, WA on Saturday, June 29 at 5:00 PM, followed by a reception at the Vulpine Taproom on the upper level of the Town Center in Lake Forest Park. I'm especially pleased to kick off my book launch in a public library, in particular this one as it's the place where I get the majority of books I read. I so appreciate the interlibrary loan program they have which allows patrons to request books that aren't available within the King County Washington libraries. The staff will conduct a nationwide search for your requested book and notify you when it arrives for pickup! Public libraries are one of the best examples of socialism, and librarians are some of the best defenders of democracy. It is disheartening to read of the attempts by some misguided persons to censor library books!

I would love to have "In the Grip of Grace" available through library loan. One of the ways to make this happen is to have folks request a copy from the library. Please consider requesting a copy from your local library! If you wish to order your own personal copy, you can do so directly from Finishing Line Press. In the Grip of Grace is also available on Amazon and from Barnes & Noble.

In addition to my North Seattle Book Launch, I have scheduled the following readings:

If you would like me to visit your book club or classroom, etc. (in person or via zoom depending on location), please reach out using the contact info on my website.

I welcome reviews of the book as well. These can be shared on Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Storygraph, etc. A review can be just one or two sentences, but of course, longer ones are welcome too. If you'd like, you can also post reviews in the comment section of this post, or email them to me. I am so curious to find out which poems resonate with readers and what thoughts the book as a whole will prompt. I also welcome questions.

Did you know that books and even countries have astrology charts? The United States was born on July 4, 1776 which makes it a Cancer. Just for fun, I ran a chart for my book based on the time that I opened the box and held the book for the first time! In the Grip of Grace is a Gemini Sun (birthday June 7, 2024 at 4:10 PM) with a Cancer Moon and Libra Rising! I share this because I know the astrology fans will get a kick out it, ha! As a Gemini, my book will be very very busy and entertaining, and she most likely has a twin somewhere out there! Happy Birthday to all the Gemini Twins, and also to the Cancer Crabs whom we will celebrate later this month and into July!

I'll close by thanking everyone who has followed my publishing journey through reading these posts, especially those who have shared comments and supported me in various other ways. I wish all the fathers and father figures a very Happy Father's Day, and to everyone, a joyful PRIDE month, a beautiful Juneteenth and lovely Solstice much to celebrate!!

Wishing you less stress and more joy this summer and beyond.

With gratitude,

Marianne, aka Wild Honey


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