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Who is Wild Honey and What Does She Create?

Why the nickname “Wild Honey?”

I was given the nickname, Wild Honey by a friend in 2000 and it stuck to me, well, like flies to a honey jar. It comes from a song of the same title by the Irish rock band, U2. Hugh Laurie, The Beach Boys, and Nazareth also have songs called Wild Honey, and it is mentioned in The Gospel of Matthew as the favorite food of Saint John the Baptist, along with yummy locusts!

What does Wild Honey Create?

In addition to creating mischief, havoc, disturbances, scenes and other unknown things, I like to make art with words, flowers, and dance; and I enjoy creating sacred spaces in the garden. Through my art and interactions with others, I seek to be a healer using the medicine of joy. What I do and who I am is above all a mystery, which makes me a mystic. I am a practitioner of bhakti (devotional) yoga, and though my beliefs are rooted in Christianity, I find inspiration in all of the world’s spiritual traditions.

~Marianne Mersereau, aka “Wild Honey”

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