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Poetry through the Zodiac Houses: *Libra in House #3

I open my mouth, put the pen to paper, and honey pours forth, sappy, saccharine and sentimental, no vinegar nor sourness, only lovely Libra syllables, golden speech nuggets gushing smooth, silky, charming and disarming. If I need to curse you out, I'll use that old sweet Southern standby, "Bless Your Heart" and you'll think I mean it in a nice way. I communicate to maintain harmony, balance and fairness, but when I over-compromise to keep the peace, I get pissed! Lord have mercy, bless my heart!

Versatility of "Bless Your Heart"

* Some Libra traits: diplomatic, charming, compromising, non-confrontational, fair, peace-loving, idealistic (shadow side: tendency to gossip, over-compromise, be indecisive)

* Subject matter of House #3: The third house governs one's style of communication.

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